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For over 20 years Dr. Elizabeth Odera has been using sports and education to save lives. Racquet in hand, she travels the dirt roads of Kibera, one of the world’s biggest and most dangerous slums, seeking to help those humanity seems to have forgotten. A true hero in every sense of the word, Sports for Life details her amazing journey passes along the philosophy that continues to change and save the lives of countless children.


"Sadili" comes from a Kiswahili term, meaning "well-being"

Who we are

Sadili is a social enterprise that uses sports and education to empower children and youth to improve their health, reduce poverty and improve learning for a better future. Sports is the single-most influential medium that cuts across all cultural and social barriers and provides opportunity to influence behavioral change, and provide a means for social integration.


Winner of the "Spirit Of The Land" Award 2003 from the International Olympic Committee at Salt Lake City Olympics for our Sports For Life Programme, GFOrSE Award in Japan in 2003, PTR Humanitarian of the Year Award in USA in 2004. Selected as the model Centre for Excellence for Africa by UNEP and Global Sports Alliance (GSA) in August 2001.

Our history

Sadili Oval Sports Academy has its beginnings as a swamp that became a reclaimed dumpsite near the Kibera slums, a situation complicated by an open sewer from 7 estates of 500 houses. Sadili later became the only available space for children from Kibera and the adjoining estates of Langata, to play sport, and learn life skills and environmental leadership.

What we do

Through sport we improve physical fitness, help children learn about rules and fair play, cope with winning and losing and do better at school work. We do this by providing lifeskill training, mentoring, coaching and facilities to more than 7,000 children annually in Kenya. We focus on Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Netball and Volleyball.

Our Causes

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Girl Power Clubs Africa

Girl Power Clubs Africa is a women leadership program that trains teenage girls to become agents of positive change through sport, culture, art and dance, currently targeting 3400 girls from 42 schools in Kenya. We help girls gain self-esteem and learn to make life-changing decisions through sports. Visit our website at

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Slum Sports

Sadili targets the slum kids in the slums, who face early marriages, violence, HIV/AIDS, poor hygiene, low school attendance, limited opportunity to play and lack of space for play, poor security and no electricity. We use sports to teach survival skills to 2100 underpriviledged children below 12 years. Visit our blog.
Sadili Blog.

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WASH stands for "WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene" 40% of the world's population do not have access to a clean toilet and many do not practise hand-washing with soap before eating and after using the toilet. We run campaigns and train young leaders to promote good "WASH" behaviour through sport. Visit our blog
Sadili Blog.

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Ushindi Boys Clubs

Ushindi Boys Clubs is a men's leadership programme that initiates teenage boys through various stages of growth into young men. The process involves mentoring, enterpreneurship training and character building to help them develop self-respect, discipline, responsibility and community spirit Visit our website
Ushindi Boys Clubs

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Meet Our Non-Profit Team

Elizabeth Odera
2021 Black Tennis Hall of Famer, Dr. Elizabeth Odera, is a celebrated Kenyan Sports Professional and Director of non-profit, Sadili Oval Sports Academy and author of .Sports for Life. (Amazon). "Princy", as the kids call her, has been involved in the education and training of more than 11,000 youth in various sports, including basketball, tennis, football, rugby, athletics and swimming amongst poor and rich communities alike, making Sadili the melting pot for youth sports in the East African region. Liz was celebrated as one of the world's most influential and inspiring women of 2011 (Ashoka ChangeMaker), has been knighted with the Medal of French Order of Youth and Sports by the Government of France and a the Head of State Commendation (HSC) from the Government of Kenya.


We are constantly seeking individuals, schools, universities and organizations who can partner with us


We seek solar initiatives, construction of toilets, water tanks, outdoor learning and play spaces, courts, donation of laptops and sports equipment.

Sports Coaching

We seek experienced sports coaches to work in our grassroots program around the country in tennis, soccer, basketball, rugby and netball.


We seek professionals to handle proposal writing, seek partnerships, run press releases, runonline communication, budgeting, plans, schedules, and checklists


We offer internships positions for college students in social work, early childhood education, public health, accounting, IT and data management.

Feeding Program

We are looking for partners to help develop a long-term feeding and clean drinking water program that will reduce malnutrition.


We need mentors for both Girl Power and Ushindi Boys Clubs, from professionals and local communities. Mentorships can be online.

Success Stories

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